Presentation?… no thank you

24/11/2020 by opujols0

In the post published on the 12.07.20 titled: “Steps to prepare a presentation” we talk about the 7 key elements needed in a presentation for it to be able to connect with an audience.

The first step is to decide whether or not a face to face presentation is even necessary or if there are other ways to communicate the content of our presentation: through e-mail, videoconferences, sending the information online…

To find the answer to this question I recommend you think back to all those times when you were a kid and you would listen to your parent’s or grandparent’s stories. Or the stories you have told your own children throughout the years. Or the time you went to your favorite musician’s concert after having listened to their music over and over again on vinyl, on Spotify, on tape or on a CD player. Maybe you have assisted a conference where the speaker was so eloquent that he made time fly while you were listening. Can you think of any situations like these? The only reason for it to be worth preparing a face to face conference or presentation is if our physical presence actually adds value to it as a whole.

All throughout 2020, the Covid-19 global pandemic has made many of us change our habits in both our private and professional surroundings. One of the most important changes has to do with the growth of video apps like Skype, Teams  or Zoom. These tools have helped us manage our workloads and we are now able to complete presentations and meetings from the comfort of our homes, without needing to face our target audience. We have taken advantage of the tough experiences brought to us by Covid-19 and we have reevaluated the way things are done in our workplaces. We take advantage of technology when it is in our interest to do so and we save our face to face presentations for moments when it is necessary to connect and establish a more direct link with our audience; when we want to motivate and connect with them on a more personal level. Just like our parents and grandparents did for us when they told us stories or the way our favorite musicians reach us when we see them live.

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