The Breviora Project

12/07/2020 by opujols0

Each day, communicating in a proficient manner is becoming more and more important, both in our private and professional lives. The ability to convey our thoughts and ideas to the people that surround us is essential; and to achieve proper communication skills there are certain aptitudes and techniques that we need to know, practice and develop.

We all assist and participate in different conferences, seminars and lectures where the volume and density of all the information presented to us may make it difficult for us to retain and understand it all… Why is this? Most presentations are made up of many slideshows (way too many slideshows!) where all sorts of information such as texts, tables, numbers and graphs turn into the main part of each exposition. The speaker, who should be the main protagonist in conveying the story or information that he or she presents, gets pushed down into a less important position and just turns into a sort of slideshow narrator of what is already written and explained.

The only two essential protagonists in any presentation are the speaker and the audience. All the different types of software that we can find on the market should only be used as support for the speaker. It should be used as a tool that helps the speaker strengthen certain parts of his or her own narrative or it should help the audience focus their attention and interest correctly. How should it be used?

Breviora (from Latin, “the shortest“) prepare 2 documents: one set of slideshows and one summary document (or handout).

The slides should be made up of high quality images backed up with short texts that follow a line of thought that help the speaker convey his or her message in a structured, simple and clear manner during the presentation.

The handout should be a more detailed summary of the information and should be given to the audience.

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